Pallet Racking or Long-span Shelving – What Suits You Sir?

If you have storage problems in your warehouse pallet racking systems can provide a fast and safe solution. The biggest problem with pallet racking systems is they need quite a lot of room and are more expensive compared to long-span shelving. So, if your budget is tight and space limited a heavy duty, long-span system will probably be the best answer.

Heavy Duty Long Span Shelving:

The Long-span shelving system is ideal for smaller spaces and budgets. These systems are designed to be loaded by hand, and while they are sturdy, they are not suitable fork-lift loading. These systems are perfect for providing shelving space in the office as well as manufacturing areas and warehouse spaces.

Adjust & Expand

Long-span shelving can be assembled free standing and it can also be used to extend the lower areas of an existing pallet racking system – Adding and extending is a fast job which keeps disruption down and the shelves can be adjusted to suit your products and needs.                       

Light or Loaded

Long-span shelving can deal with medium to heavy loading, depending on the make chosen. Extra components are available to add extra security, effectively optimising how, and how safely your products are stored – The z-beam for example acts a s a stopper at the ends to larger products falling off.

Highly Versatile

Long-span shelving is versatile so can be used for many shelving and hanging tasks. For example, chipboard and steel panels, wire decking as well as rails for hanging clothes on can be added to suit many varied storage tasks. As your needs change they can be re-arranged, extended and completely relocated.

Not sure what’s best?

There is a large range of racking spares, components and systems available for both long-span and pallet racking systems. If you are not sure exactly what you need, contact an online supplier. Ensure the company products meet UK health and safety standards because this can provide that bit extra security and safety if something should go wrong. If you have look around and still cannot make a decision there are plenty of professionals online that can help get you in the right direction.  

Pallet Racking Solutions

There are many designs available but the ultimate goal for all of them is to allow multi-level, horizontal shelving that can stack pallets. Usually, this type of storage solution is needed in any warehouse environment where forklifts need to be able to move around loaded and unloaded palettes easily. Especially when the need to move them around is asap – As is usually the case for those companies with fast turnarounds. Pallet Racking and Long-span shelving can bring order to chaos at a relatively nominal price: The time it can save balancing the books (cost v cost-effectiveness) undoubtedly faster than you think. Productivity, safety and efficiency can be notably improved with a well designed racking or long-span shelving solution. Contact an expert to get you moving in the right direction.


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